The Best Men’s Fashion Trends To Try in 2019

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With the mercury definitely dropping, it’s time to think about keeping warm but staying cool. Read on for our tips on the latest men’s fashion trends.

Men’s Fashion Trends

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Still popular this season, camo looks like it’s going nowhere soon. No longer a military preserve, anyone and everyone can get on board with a little camo pattern. Just be careful not to wear too much! Go for cargo pants or a jacket but not both, or people will be wondering if you lost your hunting party! Treat it like a neutral when it comes to matching other colours.

Double-Breasted Suits

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Double-Breasted Suits

Give your smart wardrobe a modern twist with a double-breasted jacket. Depending on how confident you’re feeling, a bold colour or a patterned fabric will certainly get you noticed. Otherwise, opt for a classic neutral like navy or dark grey.
Pair your double-breasted jacket with some stylish Farah shirts from retailers like E J Menswear and you’re good to go!

Urban Hiker

This look is an easy one to update because it’s probably not that far from your regular weekend rig. Replace your field jacket with a semi-fitted fleece pullover, and ditch the Chelsea boots in favour of some hiking boots – yes, even for pounding pavements!


Brown is the new black! Much warmer than harsh black, brown is easier to wear. With so many shades and tones, there is a brown for everyone, from lighter tans to darker chocolate. Even khakis and oatmeals are acceptable, and we’re almost back to camo! It’s the ultimate versatile neutral. Brown works well as a base for exploring other trends, like camo, or in your suit. As a neutral, it’s a great foundation for brighter colours.

This is one trend we can get behind every season! Not convinced? Start with a pair of smart dress shoes. You won’t regret it!

For more insight into the very latest trends and styles for 2019, check out The Trendspotter.

As with any trends, it is up to you how far you go in embracing these. Just because other people are wearing something does not mean you have to if it’s not to your liking. Mix and match with classics in your wardrobe and add a few key pieces from the latest trends.